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【壁镜用英语怎么说】_ 壁镜英文单词/壁镜英文翻译/例句

  • 室用墙围住镜

    indoor wall mirror

  • 2016年11月23日 – 土巴兔装修问答平台为网友暂代他人职务杂多的浴池壁镜的提出高不高问题解答。土巴兔装修问答一齐 600万 物主装修的亲身经历与聪颖,神速处理装修的困惑

    questions and answers November 23, 2016-tuba rabbit decoration platform for users to provide a wide range of offer are high on bathroom wall mirror 答复。 tuba rabbit decoration decoration of question and answer session brought together 6 million owners experience and wisdom, to quickly solve puzzle decoration

  • 壁镜全体镜

    full length mirror wall mirror

  • 如图所示,平面反光镜贮存在气缸的谷粒,平面反光镜筑墙围住的点光源,点光源收回一束光铅直射向平面反光镜.平面反光镜从图示席位开端绕反复讲谷粒轴O等速转动,以30度旋转的角度,…

    as shown in the figure, a plane mirror at the center of the cylinder, flat mirror is on the walls of sunken on Point light source s, sent a bunch of point source light vertical shoot plane 镜子。 mirror plane from icon position start around the center axis of the cylinder o uniform rotation, rotate 30 °, 这时.

  • 家里的收容能量小的壁镜多少钱

    how much of the room bedroom small

  • 小形壁镜专卖店 寻觅你,小形壁镜专卖店为您暂代他人职务最新小形壁镜,挂在筑墙围住的冯水的外观,追赶入洞穴的镜子,壁的形近字然后网上小形壁镜哪种最好!…

    small stores in search of the room you good, small store provides you with the latest small shaped wall mirror wall mirror, wall hanging lamp shaped feng shui, mirror image of the world, shaped nearly word wall as well as online small shape of the room which is the best!…

  • 为美容院挂一幅画

    paintings for living room

  • 让壁镜1米2*2米2,四角嵌在筑墙围住,预备装修屋子,接120滨江区,有意请润色:18510386027 廉价让壁镜 ,顺义在线

    transfer of the room 1 m 2*2 m 2, four angle mounted in a wall, ready to make a fresh decoration house, 120 riverfront plot and seeking, intentionally please contact: 18510386027 lower price of the room, shunyi online

  • 壁镜的牵连

    meaning of the room

  • 百度华语_壁镜: 见“ 壁钱 ”。… 壁镜,释名 壁钱,属蛛形纲,壁钱科,语风:唐 段成式 《酉阳杂俎·支动》:“商、邓、 襄州 多壁镜,毒的人死。”清 厉…

    baidu chinese _ wall mirror: see “wall of 钱。 wall mirror, wall shiming money, belong to the arachnids, wall of money section, in out: paragraph tang · support move into a “punctuation”: “supplier, deng, xiang state multi wall mirror, poison people must die.” 清 li…

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